Carleton University possesses one of the most unique Residence Communities. It supports and encourages students to live a healthy and productive lifestyle within a close Community setting. The Community encourages students to have a sense of pride wearing the Carleton colours, as well as developing positive support systems during their time at Carleton.

Being a member of the Carleton Residence community has been an incredible experience. Coming from a small town north of Toronto and moving to a major city five hours away from home was daunting. But from the moment I stepped on the campus I knew I had found my home away from home.

The welcoming and accepting atmosphere of the Residence Community begins from the time you move in, to the time your Carleton experience ends. The adventure begins during Fall Orientation where you move from activity to activity with the members of your Residence community. During Orientation week there are not only events that are Carleton wide but there are events that are specific to Residence. One of the larger events is Residence Orientation day. Residence Orientation is a great opportunity for students to connect with the Community on a different level.

Even after a week full of Community activities and events the experiences continue to grow. As the year progresses students with their Residence Fellows work together to plan and facilitate floor and even sometimes building events. These events are geared towards engaging as many members of the Community as possible. By planning and participating in these events the opportunities for the Community to develop strong positive relationships with one another are possible. In my experience, the members of the Community who remained active and engaged in Community life had the most enjoyable and best experience.

Activities and events do not just occur within the individual building communities. They also occur within the Residence Community as a whole. One of the most valued aspects of being a Residence student at Carleton is that we take every opportunity, whether it is before a sporting event or Residence event to show our commitment to being a Raven. When it comes to major sporting events the Residence Community especially has come together to show their support through lively pep rallies. Promoting individual “the house colours” of each Residence helps to create a sense of belonging. When it comes to Residence wide events students always know how to show their building spirit.

There are other ways for students to help build and support the community they live in. In Residence there are many different ways to become even more engaged in the Community by joining groups such as our student branch of “The Make a Wish” foundation, our environmental group, the peer conduct board, etc. As well as there is one place that is known for bring the community together. This is a place called the ‘Ravens Roost’. In partnership with planned events and activities the Ravens Roost provides a venue of friendship and relaxation. The Roost makes available many activities such as pool, fuse ball, ping pong, board games, Xbox, etc. The use of this facility is available to all students living in Residence.

As you can tell Carleton’s Residence is one that works to create a positive experiences for all. Being a part of this community has encouraged me as well as others to live a healthy and productive lifestyle within a close community setting. It has encouraged me to have a sense of pride wearing the Carleton colours. The Community has supported the developing of positive support systems during my time here at Carleton.

-Emma Smith, Community Developer