So you’re on the waitlist.  What does this mean?   Every year, Carleton’s residence receives more applicants than available rooms.  Therefore, students are placed on a waitlist.
Being on the waitlist can be hard.  You’re unsure about where you will be living when you move to Ottawa in September.  You want to make sure you have the best first-year experience possible.  We understand this.  If you wanted to know what position you currently are on the waitlist, you can access this information through your Carleton Central.  It will provide you a range for your position.

We at the Department of Housing and Residence Life Services try to give you our most honest response about whether you will be receiving a room.  We also can provide you with off-campus resources should you wish to take that route instead.

We also truly appreciate your patience if you are on the waitlist.  In order for you to move up on the list, another student needs to decline their offer of residency.  This can take some time.  There may be days when the list doesn’t move at all.  There may be days when it moves quite a bit.

IMPORTANT: Stay up-to-date with your Carleton Central and Carleton Email for updates on your waitlist position.  You must continue to confirm your intention to stay on the waitlist via your Carleton Central account.  Failing to do so will take you off of the waitlist.

If you are fortunate enough to move from the waitlist into a secured spot in residence, we look forward to having you stay with us this upcoming academic year.  Residence is an amazing place to live and learn.

Further waitlist information and links can be found here.