Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials


Being on the creative arts  floor has been a really incredible experience. All the people on the floor are so welcoming and different. We grow so close over dinners, floor events and just being around each other. Everyone is really creative and it is great to share that creativity with one another all the time. This floor has helped create lasting bonds between me and my friends here that I expect will last long after we graduate.


I found this floor to be so much more than just a floor – I know its cliche, but it feels like a family. It’s really neat to walk into people’s rooms and see how they write songs, how they paint, and then be a part of their creative process. Looking back I’m so grateful I chose to live on the arts and humanities floor.


Living on the arts floor has been a really good experience. Right from the start we had so much in common and it took the fear of moving away from home for the first time. I’ve met many interesting people that I know I’ll be friends with for the rest of my life. I think that choosing a themed community was one of the best decisions I’ve made. There’s always a lot of music, laughter and interesting debates available to participate in at all times.

Alicia Chan

Living in a themed community at Carleton University made my first year more transitional. I live on the first floor of Russell House, the Eco Floor, and it’s great to live with people who all share a common interest. During our first semester, we would set weekly goals for the environment. These goals ranged from using natural light to buying drying racks instead of using dryers. Themed Communities are great because they make the transition from high school to university much easier – you know that the people you’ll be living with have a common interest.

Tyler Helms 2011-2012

My residence experience has been incredible. Enough so that I plan on living in residence next year as well. I really enjoy living on the Eco Floor, and I believe having a common interest on the floor gives everybody a subject to break the ice with. Also, I think it allows the Res Fellow an easy subject to promote floor activities as well, because she knows that if it’s something to do with environmental sustainability, we’re all going to be engaged and enthusiastic! Furthermore, our floor has truly become a tightly-knit unit, more so than any of the other floors I have visited, though this may be because of the fact that we have a small population as far as residence floors go, I honestly believe that a major contributing factor is that we all have a common interest, environmental sustainability! In conclusion, I believe that my residence experience has been fantastic, and I know that there are friends I’ve made on my floor that I would like to keep around for years to come.