Suite Residence

Frontenac, Leeds, and Prescott Houses

Meal Plan Single Occupancy Double Occupancy
All Access $ 12,869 $ 11,731
Reduced Plan $ 11,427 $ 10,289
Room Only (Leeds and Frontenac) $ 7,969 n/a

All fees (tuition and residence) for fall term are due by August 25 and winter fees are due by November 25th. The $700 paid deposit acts as your first payment towards your residence fees. Overdue term balances are subject to the Extended Payment Charge. More information about payment methods is also available on the Financial Services website.

Meal Plans What You Get
All Access Unlimited entry into the Residence Dining Hall and $200 Dining Dollars
Reduced Plan (Suites only) 7 meals per week and $450 Dining Dollars on the Campus Card